Serra Cross Park

A lookout over Ventura, California



6/7/2022 2 min read

If you have time and the chance to visit Serra Cross Park in Ventura, you should take the opportunity to see it. The park has a massive wooden cross [hence the name] and overlooks Ventura. You can see the coastline from this viewpoint as well. The views alone are what make this viewpoint worth the trek to this spot.

Do be aware that weddings take place here quite often. When you see the views you’re like “duh, why wouldn’t someone want to get married here?” Both times I have tried to go farther into the park, a wedding was taking place. This time, the guests were arriving, so I got a little closer to the park, but couldn’t fully go down. I walked around the edge with my family because there were wildflowers everywhere that were too pretty to not take pictures of.

Despite the cons of getting to the park, it is overall worth making the little hike or fighting to find a parking spot. I personally love lookout points, and this one is one I would not want to miss.

  • Wedding central

  • Not enough parking

  • A little hike

The Cons

The Pros

  • Beautiful scenery

  • Lookout views